MOT Models

Issue 21 - 01/12/2006

Photographer Profile: Simon Powell

For almost ten years now international photographer Simon Powell has been using MOT models in his work.

It all started back in 1984 when Simon Powell took the plunge and decided to trade his drum kit in and get his first ever camera. At the time he’d been studying fine art at college and had borrowed a camera from a friend to take some photos. When he discovered that people actually wanted to buy the photos from him he was both mildly surprised and also quite inspired! Needless to say he decided it was time for a change in career…

From then on there was no looking back. His portfolio of work rapidly grew and developed. He started doing editorial, hair and fashion work and developed a passion for the work of the ex-model Ellen Von Unwerth and Patrick de Marcellier which inspired his own creative folio.

Today Simon travels the globe photographing a whole range of material from outdoors adventure shoots, to hair, bridal and cutting edge editorial, he loves working on shoots with his assistant Pete Clarke and art director Al Boardman.

Recent shoots with MOT have included the Beechfield campaign, Cotswold clothing, Solutions, Pencarrie and Rockport. Amongst these shoots Simon commented that the shoot for Cotswold clothing in Namibia was outstanding. The models Natalie Morgan, Wendy Newburry, Jason Bailey and Phil Morris were selected for the job, and Simon said that ‘The whole team was amazing everyone just clicked, and the dynamics between the group made it a hilarious trip for everyone involved.’

On a personal level, over the years Simon has done quite a lot of work for hair products and stylists, and is intrigued by the amount of money, time and care that people put into their hair, and what it means to them. This has inspired him to compile images for a book that is all about barbers shops and peoples international perceptions of hairstyling.

Simon’s nature and modesty make him charming to work with. He claims that he’s never been driven by the need for fame he just feels lucky because he loves his job.

To view more of Simons work please click here. to go to his website.

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Photographer Profile: Simon Powell

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